The Problem

The Standard Treatment Guidelines(STG) and Essential Medicines List(EML) is one of the most cost effective ways to deliver equitable access to affordable medicines that are safe, effective and improve the quality of patient care and clinical decision making. The public and economic impact of the inefficient and irrational use of medicines is far reaching. Many Healthcare workers had no access to the latest guidelines or had to deal with outdated copies in their clinics.


hand holding iphone

The Solution

The launch of the PHC Clinical Guide app is seen as the first step toward the effective dissemination and implementation of the revised guidelines and promoting rational medicine use. “This is merely the dawn, not event, as we embrace technology to leverage the potential of the STG’s and EML”, said Mr Gavin Steel, Cluster Manager:Sector Wide Procurement, NDoH.

The app is for all categories of healthcare professionals and healthcare workers in Primary Healthcare. These guidelines address clinical and programmatic aspects of primary healthcare treatment and prevention amongst adults.



The Impact

(Updated: 21/12/2015)

5 000 Empowered

5 266 health-care workers have been empowered through the PHC Clinical Guide App.


56 Countries

Our PHC Guidance App currently being used in 57 countries worldwide.


98 000 Accessed

HIV Clinical Guide app has been accessed over 98 442 times around the world.

People & Partners

  • National Department of Health, South Africa
  • Medical Research Council South Africa