GeneXpert Support App

The Problem

Making a correct diagnosis of Tuberculosis is a key component in the fight against TB. GeneXpert is an effective new rapid TB diagnostic test, promoted for use by the WHO (World Health Organization) across the world. One of problems health workers face in using GeneXpert, is determining when to use the test, when alternative screening is recommended, and when not to use the test. Additionally, the correct interpretation of GeneXpert results by health workers, and making appropriate treatment decisions can be problematic.

The Problem

The Solution

The Solution

The Open Medicine Project, in collaboration with the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics, FIND, have developed the GeneXpert support application fro TB Diagnostic support. The smartphone app is a series of simple, and easy-to-use decision support pathways around GenexPert, as well as a general information tool for GeneXpert testing. The App can be used by nurses and doctors to make decision in clinics and hospitals, or as an effective training tool.


The Impact

(Updated: 03/07/2015)

400 Empowered

Over 412 health-care workers have been empowered through the GeneXpert Support App.


90 Countries

The GeneXpert Support App is currently being used in 92 countries worldwide.


2 000 Accessed

Medical Information has been accessed over 2083 times through the GeneXpert Support App.

People & Partners

  • Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND)
  • Heidi Albert