Emergency Medicine Guidance App

The Problem

Doctors, Nurses and paramedics have a critical need for locally relevant clinical Guideline Information. From treatment protocols, to interhospital referral criteria, to clinical decision algorithms, and even health facility directory information.

Without quick and easy access to this information, health workers are unable to effectively manage patients in a specific health system.

The Problem

The Solution

The Solution

The Open Medicine Project has partnered with the Division of Emergency Medicine, at the University of Cape Town and Stellenbosch University, as well as a number of other institutions to create and channel relevant content to a freely available mobile application for local health workers. The expert authors continuously create and publish guidelines to the application.

Additionally, instructional videos about using minimal resources to perform procedure have been developed which are available through the app and on the YouTube Channel.



The Impact

(Updated: 03/07/2015)

75 000 Empowered

Over 75 885 health-care workers have been empowered through the EM Guidance App.


199 Countries

The EM Guidance App is currently being used in 200 countries worldwide.


3 000 000 Accessed

Medical Information has been accessed over 3 208 823 times through the EM Guidance App.

People & Partners

  • Dr. Katya Evans: EM Guidance Project Lead
  • Global Health Institute, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • The Division of Emergency Medicine, University of Cape Town
  • The Division of Emergency Medicine, Stellenbosch University
  • Various Medical Institutions