Doctors Without Borders Guidance App

The Problem

Health workers saving lives in remote and dangerous areas require on the go access to treatment information. Often having no connectivity or no books for guidance, doctors and nurses find themselves without the correct knowledge to treat patients.

The Problem

The Solution

The Solution

The Open Medicine Project has worked with MSF to develop MSF Guidance, a phone application providing offline access to regularly updated field medicine information, including clinical guidelines, drug information and procedures.



The Impact

(Updated: 15/10/2014)

1539 Empowered

1539 health-care workers have been empowered through MSF Guidance.


116 Countries

The MSF Guidance App is currently being used in 116 countries worldwide.


99 348 Accessed

MSF Guidance Information has been accessed over 99 348 times.

People & Partners

  • Medicins Sans Frontiers
  • Friends of MSF